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Temperature, viscosity, and density

CANopen flow meter for turbines

The Microlink flow meter by FTI Flow Technology (USA) is a temperature, viscosity, and density compensated linearized turbine pickoff. The CANopen interface complies with CiA 301 version 4.0.2.

UP TO 3 FLUID DENSITY/VISCOSITY PROFILES can be stored in the flow meter, letting user switch between fluids on the fly. With approximately less than 20-ms response time and temperature rating of -40 °C to +125 °C standard, the sensor handles full range of flow applications and allow for under-the-hood applications.
The pickoff is available in three configurations: MS connector, flying leads with NPT
and flying leads without NPT. The linearized flow output (mass or volume) is provided via the CAN interface. The pickoff is configurable by means of the Windows-based Visual-Link programming software. The flow meter supports the CANopen application layer. The Process Data Objects (PDOs) are sent periodically from 20 ms to 65 s.
They contain volume or mass rate data as well as raw frequency and temperature data.
The user is able to query items via Service Data Objects (SDO) such as tagging information, programming and calibration information, and the flow meter calibration curve.
The product lines by Flow Technology, established more than 50 years ago, includes a wide range of turbine, electromagnetic, positive displacement and ultrasonic flow meters, flow calibrators, flow controllers and ancillary electronics. Typical applications are found in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, metrology, oil & gas markets. In addition, the company maintains a flow meter calibration laboratory, and provides flow meter calibration, service and repair.

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