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CANopen interface for load-cell system

The Danish company Hauch & Bach has developed the CGM 85.1 CANopen interface for its System 80 load-cell system. It connects up to 64 load-cells to the CANopen network. The interface module comes with a default CAN bit-rate of 500 kbit/s. The company also provides a CAN monitor tool, which can be used to calibrate the load-cells.

THE MODULES OF THE LOAD-CELL SYSTEM used for weighing applications are metal encapsulated. They are plugged into the system baseboard. The communication parameter of the CANopen interface module may be downloaded from a PC via the CAN interface. The module complies to CiA 301 and uses Dip-switches to select the node-ID and the bit-rate (10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s). The module indicates the communication status and local bus activities by means of LEDs. The load-cell system is operated via the CANopen network by a host controller or by the CAN monitor tool offered by H&B. This tool also monitors the network traffic and can be used to calibrate the system.

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