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Pressure transmitter and linear transducer

Hydac (Germany) has developed sensors featuring CANopen connectivity. The HDA 4700/7000 pressure transmitters are in particular suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic control applications. The HLT 1100/2000 linear transducers are designed for stationary industrial applications. Both products complete the company’s hydraulic devices and the control units also available with CANopen interfaces.

Pressure transmitter (left) and linear transducer (right) come with CANopen interface
THE HDA TRANSMITTER SERIES IS USED TO measure relative pressures in hydraulics and pneumatics. The measured pressure value is converted to digital data and communicated via the CAN interface. The sensor implements a CANopen protocol stack, so that all necessary parameters can be configured by means of SDO services using off-the-shelf CANopen tools. The devices are compliant with CiA 404 device profile. The accuracy of the measurement is specified as ±0,25 %.
The robust thin-film sensor cell supports different measuring ranges (40, 100, 250, 400, or 600 bar). The operating temperature ranges from -25 °C to +85 °C. The housing of the 150-g device is IP67-rated.
The HLT family of linear transducers features a measuring range of 50 mm to 4000 mm. It is based on the physical principle of magnetostriction. This principle determines the position with resolution of 0,005 mm, a linearity of ±0,1 mm (up to 1500 mm), and an accuracy of 0,05 %. The device with an optional CANopen interface is available in two versions: Pressure-resistant tubular housing in stainless steel for direct installation in hydraulic cylinders or aluminum profile housing for positioning by the operator.
The CANopen interface for both sensor types is available at the 5-pin M12 connector. The manufacturer provides electronic data sheets (EDS), which simplifies the configuration when using CANopen tools. The operation manual for the CANopen interface describes the functions supported by the corresponding sensor (a basic knowledge of CAN and CANopen is assumed).

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