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Current measurement for eight ranges

Isabellenhuette Heusler (Germany) produces the IVT-Mod sensor module for current, voltage and temperature measurement. Measured data is output on the CAN or SPI interface.

THE MODULE CONSISTS OF A PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD directly soldered onto an nickel-plated shunt from 5 to 300 μOhm. The modular-design device may be modified for different applications in the automotive and industrial area. It is applicable in hybrid drives, lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems, electric vehicles, charging stations as well as fuel cell control.
The modules isolated against high voltage provide eight ranges of current measurement from -150 A to +150 A up to -1500 A to +1500 A. The nominal voltage measurement range is 800 V. Temperature measurement range from -40 °C to +105 °C with resolution of 1 °C is given. The output CAN bit-rate is adjustable as well as the number of channels. CAN-in and CAN-out lines are accessible via pins 1c /d (CAN-in) and 2c/d (CAN-out).
The module contains hardware over-current detection for both current directions, which causes automatic extension of the measurement range. It is possible to set the over-current threshold and the hysteresis. With the software trigger it is possible to trigger each channel individually. Disabled (no trigger), triggered (trigger command to send data) and cyclic running (permanent data sending) trigger modes are available. The watch dog feature generates a 1-ms toggle in normal operation mode when no errors are detected. Data can be logged as energy meter, electric meter, maximum temperature and operating hours. A boot-loader function for firmware updates is given. The device has a start up time of 100 ms. Operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +105 °C. The supply voltage area of 5 V to 12 V and 7 V to 60 V depends on the used module. Supply current (also module-depending) from 20 mA to 150 mA is required.

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Isabellenhuette Heusler