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Contactless rotary position sensor

The SRH500 series of encoders by Penny+Giles (UK) are available with CANopen and J1939 compliant interfaces. Both versions feature a 14-bit non-contact Hall effect sensor offering a 0,022°-resolution.

THE J1939 VERSION OF THE ROTARY POSITION sensor is factory programmed regarding direction, bit-rate, and other parameters. The CANopen version offers a pre-setting of bit-rate and node-ID by the manufacturer, or the customer may configure them. The CANopen sensors are compliant to the CiA 301 and the CiA 406 (device profile for encoders).
Both models have shaft-side protection compliant to IP69K, and a minimum IP67-rated protection to the rear, when the M12 mating connector is attached and fully engaged. The devices operate at 9 VDC to 30 VDC (unregulated supply). OEMs may also configure the output in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
The SRH520CN sensors are offered in a marine-grade aluminum housing with an 87,5-mm diameter flange and a 12-mm diameter shaft. These are designed to meet the harsh operating requirements of heavy duty industrial position sensing applications including construction, agricultural, military and utility vehicles. The devices also find a variety of uses in steelworks, marine equipment and power generating plants.


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