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Absolute rotary and linear shaft encoders

At Hanover Fair Industry, RLS (Slovenia) has exhibited its AksIM off-axis rotary encoder and its LinACE linear encoder. Both products feature a CAN interface option. A CANopen software interface is available on request. The off-axis encoder is IP67-rated and suitable for outdoor applications.

THE ABSOLUTE NON-CONTACT ENCODER provides an 18-bit resolution. The sensor with built-in self-monitoring function comes with a corrosion-resistant magnetic ring. Typical applications include robotic arm joints, pan/tilt positioning for outdoor cameras, and gearboxes for wind power systems. The ring outer diameter is 49 mm or 80 mm, while the inner diameter is 25 mm resp. 55 mm. The maximum speed is 10000 rotations per minute. There is no measurement hysteresis. The operating temperature is specified as -40°C to +85°C.


The company also presented an absolute linear shaft encoder. It is hysteresis-free and features a 0,5-µm resolution. The maximum speed is specified as 5 m/s. The corrosion-resistant, non-magnetized chrome-plated shaft has a maximum length of 500 mm. By end of this year a version with 640 mm will be introduced. The product is applicable for linear motor and hydraulic cylinder measurements. Shaft diameters are available from 4 mm up to 30 mm.

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