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Tested CANopen encoder

Schneider Electric and Telemecanique Sensors offers the Osisense XCC family of CANopen absolute encoders dedicated for food and beverage applications. CiA has tested the CANopen conformity of the single- and multi-turn devices.

THE 25-BIT ENCODERS WITH 10-MM or 15-MM SOLID SHAFTS implement the CiA 406 CANopen profile. They come in an aluminum housing with a 58-mm or 90-mm diameter. The CAN interface supports data rates up to 800 kbit/s. The encoder's CANopen interface complies with CiA 301 version 4.0.2, this has been tested by CiA.
The products are suitable for food and beverage processing, and they can also be used for other applications. This includes iron and steel industries as well as application requiring seawater-resistant encoders. The enclosures are rated up to IP69K. The optical sensors are configurable by means of the Sycon software tool by Hilscher.


The configuration tool supports
CANopen-EDS (electronic data
sheets) in ASCII format

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