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CANopen inclinometer for sun-tracking

Siko (Germany) has developed the single-axes IK360 inclinometer dedicated for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. The 360° measuring CANopen sensor comes in an IP69K-rated enclosure.

THE MAIN AREA OF APPLICATION OF the inclinometer is the alignment of heliostat or photovoltaic modules and the tracking of parabolic trough collectors or even Fresnel collectors. The absolute measurement technique makes reference runs after start-up or following a period of idle time unnecessary. The sensor uses the natural force of gravity to accurately map positions with a system accuracy of ±0,1° in a 360° area. The product is temperature-compensated.
The CANopen interface complies with the standardized CiA 410 device profile for inclinometer. The 5-pin M12 plug connector provides the two CAN lines, the power-lines, and the GND-line.
The sensor supports different PDO transmission types: change-of-state, periodical, synchronous, and remotely requested. The two pre-defined TPDOs contain the measured value. They can be directly mapped into the memory on the host controller and can be viewed upon reading those memory addresses. An example for the Twido PLC by Schneider-Electric is referenced in the datasheet.
The CAN interface supports data-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. Bit-rates and node-ID are configurable by means of SDO. The default bit-rate is 125 kbit/s. Resolution, preset values, and software filter are also settable via the CANopen object dictionary. The sensor manufacturer provides an EDS (electronic data sheet) for simplifying the system configuration. The supplier recommends to use CAN master software and the Pcan/USB-adapter by Peak.

SDO client message generated with the CAN master
configuration software