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Arinc 825 flight state and navigation sensor

Stock Flight Systems (Germany) offers the IFNS (integrated flight state and navigation) sensor. This provides the flight state and three-dimensional GPS position data together with air data including altitude and calibrated airspeed.

THE DATA IS ACQUIRED, PROCESSED IN REAL-TIME and transmitted over the optically isolated CAN interface. The sensor may be used with a flight data recording system based on an airborne CANerospace network. The pre-computed, filtered and calibrated data is updated 50 times per second (each 20 ms) and conveyed in engineering units. Optionally, up to 16 additional discrete/analog inputs can be used to combine additional aircraft data with the sensor information and transmit it together with the sensor data in a time correlated manner.
The heart of the device is the MicroINS from Rockwell Collins (USA), which provides solid-state gyros for the pitch, roll and yaw axis, integrated silicon accelerometers, a three axis magnetometer for magnetic heading reference and a 12-channel GPS receiver with aerospace standard L1/L2 antenna.
Stock Flight Systems offers system integration and engineering services in commercial and research projects using the CAN-based CANaerospace and Arinc 825 protocol for aerospace applications.
The nearly 20000-employees Rockwell Collins designs, productions and supports solutions for aerospace and defense applications. The products include flight-deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, information management and simulation. According to the company, its aviation electronics systems and products are installed in the flight decks of nearly every air transport aircraft in the world. Its airborne and ground-based communication systems transmit nearly 70 % of the US and allied military communication.