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8-channel RTD input module supports CANopen

The CANopen IO-X5 device by Sys Tec (Germany) complies with the CiA 404 CANopen profile. It provides eight RTD (resistance temperature detector) channels. Two LEDs indicate the device state according to CiA 303-3.

THE EIGHT-CHANNEL ANALOG INPUT MODULE is suitable for RTDs (e.g. PT100 or PT1000) in 2- or 3-wire connection scheme. The CAN interface is galvanic isolated. The IP20-rated device is Din-rail mountable and measures 95 mm x 70 mm x 58 mm. It weighs 130 g. The CANopen interface supports LSS (Layer Setting Services) and provides four Transmit-PDOs. The PDOs are configurable regarding linking and mapping. Heartbeat and Node/Life guarding are supported. The CAN interface is accessible by means of 5-pin plug connector; the inputs are available at eh single 24-pin plug connector. The company also manufactures other I/O modules compliant to CiA 401 (generic I/O modules) and CiA 404 (sensors) profiles.

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