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Two-axis CANopen inclinometer

TKE (Finland) has released the XY-CAN-E inclinometer. It can be used for measuring the tilt and the swing angle of objects with respect to gravity. The device comes in an IP67-rated enclosure.

THE TWO-AXIS INCLINOMETER with an 180-° measuring range supports the CANopen protocol and is compliant to the CiA 410 device profile. It can also simultaneously operate as a 360° sensor. Inclination measuring is based on the accelerometer IC featuring a resolution up to 0,04 °. The accuracy is better than ±0,3 °, typically below ±0,15 °. The measurement is temperature compensated.
The CAN interface allows data-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. It supports the CiA 305 Layer Setting Services (LSS) for configuring bit-rate and node-ID. This avoids additional configuration interfaces or additional parts such as DIP-switches. The bus-lines are connected via the two M12 connectors (CAN-in and CAN-out).
The 330-g sensor operates in the temperature range from -35 °C to +70 °C. The IP67-rated housing is made from acid proof steel and the electronics is encapsulated in a durable epoxy. According to the Finish company, the device is nearly immune against vibration.

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