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CAN-connectable flow meter and data-logger

Webtec Products (UK) offers The CT-CAN series of turbine flow meters to be used in conjunction with the HPM series of data-loggers. These products are designed for hydraulic diagnostics. Via the CAN network up to 16 flow meters are connectable to the data-logger.

THE HYDRAULIC FLOW METERS WITH CAN CONNECTIVITY are made for the HPM6000 hydraulic data-logger. This combination is a rugged hydraulic fault-finding tool, suitable for diagnosing faults on complex construction and agricultural machinery.

The meters can be used to measure flows between 1 l/min and 750 l/min at pressures of up to 480 bar. The 16 flow meters connectable to the data-logger sample the data with a rate of 1/ms. Along with the provided CAN pressure transducers, it is a complete digital solution for hydraulic diagnostics.

The data-logger series is dedicated for the hydraulic service engineer, who needs advanced diagnostic features that allow the user to measure and record many hydraulic parameters, store them, analyze them and share the results with colleagues and customers. The data-logger is available in three models, with the ability to simultaneously measure up to 48 channels e.g. hydraulic flow, pressure, temperature, and shaft-speed. The products comprise 32 digital input channels, 12 sensor recognition (SR) channels, four auxiliary analog channels, and one additional digital trigger. The data-logger comes in an IP64-rated housing, features expandable memory via USB/SD card, a 5,7-inch color display, and provides different ways to display and analyze the data including numeric, bar graph, line graph, and dial.

For speed-challenging applications, two of the analog inputs can be logged every 0,1 ms. For condition monitoring applications data can be recorded just once every 24 hours. Overall the data-logger can store over one billion data points.

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