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CANopen pressure sensor

Wika (Germany) has introduced the P-30 pressure transmitter featuring CANopen connectivity. The CiA certified sensor is suitable for test bench applications. It supports measuring rates up to 1 kHz.

THE P-30 PRESSURE TRANSMITTLER delivers measured values with an accuracy of 0,1% (without additional temperature error in the range of +10°C to 60°C). There is an optional variant with an accuracy of 0,05% (full-scale) available. The P-31model comes with a flush diaphragm.

The company provides since several years pressure sensors with CANopen interfaces compliant to the CiA 404 CANopen profile for measuring devices. The introduced sensor has passed successfully the CANopen conformance test performed by CiA. The company also offers the EasyCom configuration software. It runs on a PC. In addition, there is the Wika weblog available, in which Juergen Reiser explains the CANopen benefits: “The main reason for using a pressure sensor with CANopen interface compared to customary analogue sensors is the low degree of wiring required and the high reliability of signal transmission.” Wika’s customer ABI, a manufacturer of construction machines, use the previous generation of CANopen pressure sensors (D-10/20-9) in its piling and drilling equipment. The CANopen connection is realized by means of an integrated Y-connector or an external T-connector.

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