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SIL2 inclinometer with CANopen Safety

At the Sensor + Test 2013 TWK (Germany) has introduced the NBN/S3 inclinometer supporting CANopen Safety. The SIL2 certified sensors can be mechanically adjusted up to ±7,5° using elongated holes.

THE PRODUCT MEASURES INCLINATION in the gravitational field using Mems (micro electro-mechanical system) sensor elements. Digitization and linearization are carried out by an embedded micro-controller. The inclinometer has been developed for safety-related applications. It is configurable and can be electronically zeroed. The product is available with one or two measuring axes (± 5° to ± 90°). Its resolution is 0,01°. The operating temperature range is -40 °C to +85 °C. The aluminum or stainless housings are IP67-rated (optionally IP69K). Application examples include sun-tracking solar panels, cranes, power plants and flap bridges.

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