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Speed sensor for orbital motors

Sauer-Danfoss (Denmark) has launched the EMD speed sensor featuring CAN connectivity. This allows communication with the company’s Plus+1 electronic platform.

WITH THE  IP69K-RATED SPEED SENSOR salt spreaders, forestry machinery, skid steer loaders, pavers and harvesters can control commercial vehicles and mobile machines. The patented contact-free sensing follows the movement of a magnet inside a steel plug. Even small rotational movement is detected due to a direct connection to the cardan-shaft via a flexible axle. A micro-controller inside the sensor measures both the speed and direction of the magnet as it rotates – a task that, until now, has required two sensors.
The sensor’s resolution capability removes the need for external tacho-generators. “Pulse mode has 180 pulses per revolution as default setting, but can also be configured to a range between 20 and 120 pulses per revolution. The new measuring principle means the EMD speed sensor can deliver very precise measurements,” said Knud Meldgaard from Sauer-Danfoss. “The ability to measure direction as well as speed benefits the work functions of forestry machinery for example, where traditionally a quadrature signal is used to position trunks for delimbing. Another example is a salt spreader, where the sensor’s high resolution results in a more precise distribution of salt in relation to vehicle speed.”
“Up to 253 speed sensors can be connected to one CAN network, saving on wiring and installation costs. Plus+1 compliance enables easy integration with other hydraulic components for optimum machine control,” Meldgaard said.
Unlike its side-mounted predecessor, the EMD speed sensor is designed for click-on mounting in the motor end-cover. The angle can be adjusted for optimum wiring. Configuration to existing orbital motors is simple using the EMD speed sensor plug. The design allows easy field servicing because the sensor is not in contact with the hydraulic oil.

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