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Exhaust gas temperature sensor for J1939

The Exactsense temperature sensor by Watlow (USA) features signal conditioning and a CAN-based J1939 interface. The unit comprises a thermocouple element (-40°C to +1100°C) with an integrated sensor control unit. This combination delivers the accuracy and response time needed to meet diesel emissions requirements.

(photo: Watlow)

THE SENSOR is specifically designed to measure exhaust gas temperatures for over the road medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road construction, mining, agriculture, marine and locomotive equipment. Besides the high-temperature measurement the sensor transmits self-diagnostic information to be received by the diesel engine control unit to meet on-board diagnostics requirements. The J1939 interface eases integration of the thermocouples into diesel exhaust after-treatment systems.

The thermocouple is available in a variety of configurations for high-temperature applications including diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), selective catalytic reductions (SCR), exhaust gas re-circulated (EGR), lean nitrogen oxides (NOx) trap (LNT), turbochargers, burners and reformers. The sensor features an accuracy of ±7 °C, response time of approximately 5 s in 20-m/s flowing air, and availability with immersion lengths from 25 mm up to 200 mm.

Watlow founded in 1922 develops and produces temperature sensors for various applications including semiconductor, photovoltaic, analytical, medical, clinical, and plastics processing. Headquartered in St. Louis (Missouri), the company is also a custom designer and manufacturer of industrial heaters, sensors, controllers and software with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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