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Measuring and switching

TWK-Elektronik (Germany) has developed the NOCN CANopen-connectable products measuring the absolute rotational position. Additionally the devices provide relay-switching outputs, which are activated and deactivated on certain positions.

THE CiA 406 COMPLIANT ENCODERS ARE FREE OF BACKLASH and hysteresis. They detect the actual position of rotating machine parts. The position value is transferred to the machine control unit. The cam-switch function allows realizing limit switches. The integrated switches are long live changeover relays or semiconductors. In the same housing the complete encoder as well as the cam-switches are implemented. All out signals are available via the CANopen interface. All parameters are configurable by means of SDO services.
Typical application includes wind energy plants to control the angle of the three rotor blades – pitch control - and to control the position of the gondola – yaw control. On certain positions e.g. end-position the cam-switches are activated to avoid further running of the machine or start other processes. Due to the user’s access to the switching points the device can work as a tailor-made solution for the user’s application.
The internal sensing system is based on hall principle. It has a single-turn resolution of 12 bit and a multi-turn measuring range of 4096 rotations. All relay outputs are isolated changeover contacts (up to four). The implemented CANopen boot-loader functionality allows to update the firmware by the user if required.

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