Protocol stacks

Cooperation between Emtas and HMS

[30.05.2018] Emtas and HMS Industrial Networks/Ixxat join forces and partners strategically. This includes protocol stacks, tools, and CAN hardware.

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CANopen stack and bootloader for dual-core micro-controller

[24.05.2018] Emtas (Germany) has updated its CANopen stack and bootloaders and supports now the dual-core Delfino micro-controller TMS320F2837xD with the integrated D_CAN CAN controller.

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Real-time software suite

Suitable for CAN FD adapter

[2018-05-08] Kithara Software has announced support for the PCAN-USB FD adapter by Peak-Systems with the real-time environment Realtime Suite. In doing so, Kithara expands its cooperation with the German supplier.

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Protocol stack

Supports CiA 417 and CiA 1301

[2018-04-20] The Code Generator presented by Microcontrol (Germany) facilitates definition and implementation of optimized CANopen protocol stacks. It supports CANopen according to CiA 417 (CANopen Lift profile) or CiA 1301 (CANopen FD).

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Self-configuring CANopen controller library

[2018-04-19] In cooperation with Peak-System, EmSA has published the self-configuring CANopen controller library. It is for host applications and control programs that supports all CAN interfaces of the PCAN series.

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Trailer system with telematics

For fleet management applications

[2018-03-08] Peterson (USA) has introduced the CAN-based Pulse system. It controls the real-time status of the trailer and alerts the driver and fleet manager via Bluetooth respectively cellular communication.

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Digital service

Trailer data to the cloud

[2018-03-08] Mercedes-Benz’ Uptime is an integral solution detecting driving-relevant repair and maintenance scope of hitched-up trailers. It collects trailer data available in the CAN-based in-vehicle networks.

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Data logging software

Supports TEDS

[2018-01-12] With Ipemotion 2017 R3, Ipetronik offers an updated version of its measurement data logging software. It now includes a plug-in interface for analysis operations and extensions in protocol and traffic measurement on in-vehicle networks.

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Goepel Electronics

ISP software

For flashing ECUs via CAN

[2018-01-12] The Flash-IP solution by Goepel (Germany) allows programming electronic control units via CAN. Typical applications include flash programming during development, at end-of-line and in repair stations.

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Embedded Systems Academy

CANopen FD

Support for all tools

[2017-12-19] Embedded Systems Academy is now adding CANopen FD support to all their CANopen products. The first line of products supporting CANopen FD is the CANopen Magic software for the analysis and test of networks.

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ESP software update

Malfunctioning can cause brake problems

[2017-12-14] Daimler recalls some G-class models. The ESP (electronic stability program) software needs to be updated.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen safety stack runs on Hercules processor

[2017-11-30] ISIT (France) has developed a protocol stack compliant to EN 50325-5 (CANopen safety). The software running on TI’s Hercules processor is going to be certified by French authorities.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen stack supports platform and operating system

[2017-11-23] The latest version of the SYS TEC CANopen stack has been adapted for the Renesas Synergy S7, S5, and S3 micro-controller groups.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen FD protocol stack and tools

[2017-11-14] After the release of the CANopen FD specification CiA 1301 1.0, Emtas has announced its CANopen FD master/slave protocol stack.

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Video game

Firefighting with CAN

[2017-10-20] Firefighting fans can now gain some insights into Firefighting Simulator, a simulation game currently in development for PC. Astragon Entertainment and developer Chronos present the Firefighting Simulator Showroom.

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CANopen library

Reviewed and updated

[2017-09-20] Port (Germany) provides the version 4.5.13 of its protocol library compliant to the latest CiA 301 CANopen application layer and communication profile specification.

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Ampire Electronics

Gateway with firewall

Can immobilize CAN networks

[2017-09-18] Ampire Electronics (Germany) provides the CAN-Firewall gateway. It can communicate encrypted with an iPhone.

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Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)


Application service API for CAN

[2017-08-09] Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) has released the Unified Code Base (UCB) 4.0 platform. It supports CAN.

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Support for NXP micro-controllers

[2017-07-27] NXP has expand its Autorsar solutions. The company offers software packages for the MPC56 and MPC57 families.

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Featuring CANopen

[2017-07-19] Goal (Generic Open Abstraction Layer) by Port (Germany), is a middleware to integrate real time communication in IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. It supports CANopen and was developed for Renesas’ MCUs.

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Isobus tablet app

[2017-06-30] The Easy on board app from Claas (Germayn) has received official AEF certification as an Isobus terminal. The app is suitable for a tablet PC and can be used to operate Isobus implements.

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Embedded Systems Academy


For NXP’s CAN FD-based MCU series

[2017-06-26] Together with NXP, the Embedded Systems Academy (Esacademy) developed a secure CAN FD bootloader based on the CANcrypt security protocols.

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Software platform

Developing an evaluation safety solution

[2017-06-08] Arccore is building safety-critical software on the Nvidia Drive PX platform to power automotive systems. The used Autosar-compatible software makes use of CAN.

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CAN FD package

Creating Windows applications

[2017-05-23] Peak-System has extended the development package PCAN-Developer and the included PCAN-API programming interface with CAN FD. Windows applications can now be created with CAN and CAN FD connections.

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CANopen library for Windows platforms

[2017-05-09] TK Engineering Oy (Finland) has released a new version of its CANopen Win API – an API (application programming interface) to develop CANopen tests and service tools on a Windows platform.

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Sensor + Test 2017

CAN products and more

[2017-05-04] At the exhibition, Ipetronik (Germany) presents hardware and software products for research, test, and development requirements in the automotive industry.

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Security framework

Example software now available

[2017-05-04] After publishing the CANcrypt book, Embedded Systems Academy (Germany) now provides software examples on its security solution.

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GUI software

Interfacing real-time systems

[2017-04-12] Visualconnx by Add2 (England) is a visualization and control software product, allowing real-time hardware or software interfacing, monitoring, and logging. It can be used to communicate via CAN.

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CAN analyzing software

[2017-03-30] Wineman Technology announced its CANalytics tool. This platform can run on different CAN interface boards.

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Measurement data logging software

Vehicle acoustics, bus analysis, and Caetec integration

[2017-03-30] With Ipemotion 2017 R1, Ipetronik offers an updated version of its measurement data logging software. The release focuses on the development of acoustics and online/offline vehicle bus analysis as well as on the integration of Caetec hardware.

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Platform for automotive ECUs

[2017-03-30] NXP has launched the S32K1 ARM-based MCU family. All members provide ISO CAN FD connectivity and are supported by a software suite.

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