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CANopen support for MCUs

Port (Germany) now provides CANopen support for their STM32 F0 Entry-Level Cortex-M0 micro-controllers (MCUs).

(Photo: Port)

THE MCUS OFFER 32-BIT POWER, REAL TIME PERFORMANCE and low-power operation. The CANopen Library by Port is based on version 4.2 of CiA 301 “CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile”. The library is created in ANSI-C, can be used with all ANSI-C compilers, and it is available in different versions. For creating small sensors and actuators with limited CANopen functionality the Slave Small version is available. In this version, the amount of available services is limited and services like Sync and Time are not supported.
The slave version of the CANopen Library provides services for creating slave devices. Network management as well as node management functions are supported by the Master/Slave version, which also provides all features of the slave version. The driver for the STM32F0 is constructed for single-line functionality, which is available in Basic-CAN, as well as in Full-CAN mode. The library is supported by the CDT (CANopen Design Tool), which means the engineer can use a tool which reduces development effort and integration time according to the company.


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