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Linux device driver with CAN FD support

Can4Linux is a Linux device driver for CAN interfaces. It is available for several PC interface boards and for micro-controllers with integrated CAN controllers used in embedded Linux applications.

Screenshot of CAN4Linux (Photo: H.-J. Oertel)

THE LATEST REVISION ON SOURCEFORGE was done to provide support for the improved CAN protocol CAN FD. With CAN FD the frame size was increased to up to 64 byte and the speed in the data phase of the frame can be up to 4 Mbit/s or more. In a first implementation, the Ixxat CAN-IB500/PCIe was used, which is one of the first supported hardware interfaces. The employed CAN FD controller was the IFI CAN FD, implemented on an Altera FPGA. The interface is available with up to two CAN channels. Each CAN channel can send and receive either CAN FD or classic CAN ISO 11898 messages. Developers interested in working with CAN FD and without having an interface available can use CAN4Linux in a special mode: It is possible to use the driver without any hardware interface by building a virtual CAN network for classic CAN or CAN FD.

CAN4Linux is an open source project hosted on Sourceforge. Emtas (Germany) supported the work on the CAN FD version. The company’s latest version of the CANopen protocol stack and the CANopen Device Explorer 2.0, also provides users with extensions for handling CAN FD frames.

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