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CANopen DLL for Windows

The CANopen DLL (dynamic-link library) from TKE (Finland) enables implementation of CANopen connectivity into any Windows application. It features CiA 301, CiA 302-4, and CiA 314.

(Photo: TKE)

THE LIBRARY PROVIDES A CANOPEN COMPLIANT object dictionary with network variables for signal transfers. The API (application programming interface) is compliant with CANopen PLCs (programmable logic controller), providing direct adaptation. The CANopen stack is compiled into 32-bit or 64-bit Windows DLL and the user can get support for other operating systems on request. The product enables adding CANopen support by importing the DLL into a project. Additionally, it provides a CiA 301 compliant object dictionary, also for NMT-master, a CiA-302-4 compliant network variable for signal transfers, and a CiA-314 compliant API. Applications can be developed with any language; complete examples are available in C and Python. Integration with CANopen system tools is possible. Also, licensing is flexible. By default, a license key can be given with an API call, but a hardware license embedded into a CAN interface hardware may also be used. The library supports Kvaser hardware by default and support for other hardware is available on request.

According to the company due to the standardized implementation, additional learning is not required. Instead, the DLL may be used for learning programming of CANopen services in PLCs and vice versa. All interfaces are CANopen conformant.
All signals are routed via network variables into the object dictionary (OD). Also, all communication parameters are configured in the OD, either from an application software or via a CANopen interface. APIs for accessing CANopen services, such as heartbeat consumer, SDO client, and emergency messages have been implemented according to CiA 314. The DLL can be used for various purposes where CANopen connectivity is required. It has already been used in device configurators, commissioning tools, customized diagnostics GUI applications, test benches, and measurement systems.

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