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CANopen FD protocol stack

Extension of CANopen slave protocol

Microcontrol (Germany) presents its add-on CANopen FD at the Embedded World. The add-on is introduced as a supplement to the CANopen FD standard (CiA 301 V 5.0).

(Photo: Microcontrol)

THE SOURCE CODE WRITTEN IN ANSI-C is an extension to the CANopen slave protocol stack and requires an ISO CAN FD controller to be used in the system. CANopen FD facilitates sending large data amounts in a telegram (up to 64 byte in a process data object compared to 8 bytes in Classical CAN), which increases the effective net data rate by up to 90 %. In addition, by increasing the bit-rate during the data phase, the duration of a CAN message may be reduced.

To serve the needs of the modular structure of MicroControl’s CANopen protocol stacks, the CAN driver CANpie has been extended to include an ISO CAN FD controller option. This way, future exchanges of micro-controllers can be facilitated - in contrast to other solutions - as only the CAN driver will have to be exchanged while the protocol stack will remain unchanged which results in higher investment security. The introduction of CANopen FD will not affect the company’s existing license scheme: customers receive a site-related company license without any additional royalties, including 12-months of technical support. An adaptation of the CANopen bootloader and the CANopen master protocol stack to the CANopen FD standard is scheduled for Q4/2015. The Embedded World Exhibition takes place from February 24 to 26 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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