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Adding CANopen functionality

Pyramid Solutions’ (US) Netstax CANopen Master Development Kit (COMDK) enables users to add CANopen master functionality to their products and systems. Version 4.5 is now available.

The kit is CANopen master and CANopen slave compatible (Photo: Pyramid Solutions)

The COMDK software protocol stack provides services for CANopen compliant communications, according to the communication profile CiA 301 version 4.2. It facilitates development of master and slave devices and is able to serve one or multiple CAN controllers in one device.

The functional range can be extended by additional modules such as CANopen Safety, LSS, Redundancy, and Flying Master. Access to the hardware is given via a defined driver interface, which is available for many CPU- and CAN controller with and without an operating system. The COMDK software protocol stack interfaces with the user’s application software and CAN hardware interface. The kit consists of source code modules, example application code (demonstrating use of the COMDK stack), a programmer reference, and user manuals. According to the company, the stack has been successfully used across a range of devices and systems.

Netstax is Pyramid Solutions' series of software products that includes protocol stacks, DLLs, components, drivers, middleware, and tools, designed to enable network connectivity for applications, devices, and systems and to verify that the user’s product is functional, conformant, and interoperable.