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CANopen Library

Extended support for micro-controllers

Port has released an update for their CANopen Library, version 4.5p4. It supports additional hardware and CiA 305 is now a regular part of the library.

(Photo: Port)

THE UPDATE COMES WITH ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS, which improve performance and support for micro-controllers. A callback function for MPDOs has been added, as well as callbacks for interrupted SDO transfers. The library now supports Freescale Kinetis 20x with internal CAN Controller FlexCAN and 22x with internal CAN Controller FlexCAN, Microchip dsPIC33EPxx and dsPIC33Evxx Family of MCU, as well as Renesas RL78, RX63 und RX64, and R-IN32.

The LSS (layer setting services – CiA 305) function is now a regular part of the CANopen Library. It is no longer necessary to purchase the function. Version 4.5p4 is available for free for customers with a maintenance contract. The protocol stack already supports CAN FD.

Port also offers a complete CiA 401 (I/O devices) state machine and profile for its CANopen stack. A CiA 402 (drives) example with a profile for CANopen is available as well. It helps customers to implement applications faster.

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