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SPS IPC Drives 2015

Accessing CAN hardware of another PC via network

Gemac (Germany) introduces CANvision, a hardware-independent protocol monitor with remote access option at the SPS. It is a tool for the development, start-up, monitoring, and service of CAN networks.

Screenshot of the CANvision protocol monitor (Photo: Gemac)

THE SOFTWARE WILL BE FIRST PRESENTED to the public at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany (24 November to 26 November). A feature of the software is the possibility to access CAN hardware of another PC via network. To put it plainly: The CAN interface must not necessarily be locally available – remotely controlled servers provide the CAN interfaces for all clients. Another feature of the software is its hardware independence. The protocol monitor is not coupled to interfaces of a specific manufacturer, but supports CAN hardware of Gemac, Ixxat, Peak, and Vector.

The architecture of CANvision according to the client/server principle enables handling and expandability. The central element is CANvision Server, which is responsible for the management and set-up of all devices that are connected to the PC. The CANvision client CAN Transmit serves to transmit CAN messages either once or cyclically, while the CANvision client CAN Receive serves to receive and display CAN messages. CAN messages can be displayed as a symbol to make their interpretation easier. For decoding messages, a symbol file is necessary, which can be created with the free Gemac symbol editor.

Already available DBC files can be imported. The optional client CANopen Receive makes the product suitable for the analysis of CANopen-based systems. The basic software version includes CANvision Server as well as transmitting and receiving modules for bus system CAN. An appropriate client for CANopen-based systems can be activated with an optional license. In fact, the customer can choose the software package according to their individual needs and test each optional client for a period of 30 days for free, says the company.

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SPS IPC Drives