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Wrapper for CANopen and J1939 stacks

The C#-API-Wrapper by Emtas (Germany) is made for the company’s CANopen Master/Slave and J1939 stacks. The wrapper allows the use of the stacks in .NET applications in Windows or Linux.

The C# wrapper is available for Emtas' CANopen Master/Slave Stack (Photo: Emtas)

The C# API allows the usage of the CANopen Master/Slave Stack on Windows using the .NET framework. All CANopen services are available. C API functions are wrapped into C# methods and callback functions are mapped to delegates. This solution supports all CANopen services that are supported by the stack itself. Besides the usual PDO, SDO, Heartbeat, Emergency, and SYNC support, the stack also provides a function to handle LSS, MPDOs, SDO routing, and SDO requesting devices.

The same solution exists for the J1939 stack, also provided by Emtas. This J1939 stack supports cyclic and event-driven transmission and reception of J1939 messages and also transfer of larger data using TP or BAM. For both stacks the design of the object dictionary, respectively the set of PGNs, can be done by the graphical tool CAN Device Designer from the same company.

Emtas does not manufacturer its own CAN interfaces but a couple of different CAN interfaces from different manufacturers such as Janz Tec, Peak, Kvaser, or Sys Tec are supported. Potential use cases are the development of customer specific test or service applications. Although the number of use cases might be low, this C# solution is also available for Linux using Mono.


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