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Beagle Bone becomes a CANopen master

The manufacturer of Codesys, 3S-Smart Software Solutions, offers SoftPLC systems in the Codesys Store. A SoftPLC for the Beagle Bone Black turns the board into a CANopen master.

The Beagle Bone is available with two CAN ports (Photo: 3S)

The Beagle Bone Black board is a low-cost, community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists. It is suitable for use in the industrial environment, as opposed to other embedded platforms such as the Raspberry Pi. The onboard CAN interface in combination with the CANopen stack (included with the SoftPLC) turn the system into a CANopen master.

Moreover, the SoftPLC supports Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as Ethercat, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet. Therefore, the board does not need any additional hardware in order for it to act as a master, a scanner, or a controller in the network. With the OPC UA server integrated in the SoftPLC, the system is turned into an Industry 4.0-capable communication server that also processes control tasks. Users can extend the SoftPLC with desired functions by means of add-on products.

SoftPLC is an open architecture control software engine. It runs on CPUs such as Intel, ARM, Power PC, etc. Combining the features of a PLC (such as I/O control, PID, ladder logic, standard industrial communication protocols) with the power of computers (such as data handling, logging, running multiple applications simultaneously, communications over standard networks, user functions, database interfaces), SoftPLC provides an industrial control solution.


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