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Extended support for micro-controllers

Emtas (Germany) has released version 2.6.4 of its CANopen source code stack with support for additional micro-controllers. Bit-wise PDO mapping and automatic handling of persistent objects have also been added.

(Photo: Emtas)

Version 2.6.4 of the Emtas CANopen source code stack brings performance improvements and additional features such as bit-wise PDO mapping and automatic handling of persistent objects with actual values saved in flash memory or EEPROM. Furthermore, the handling of dynamic object dictionaries has been simplified. Two different variants of dynamic object dictionaries are supported: dynamic object creation at start-up and a call-back based mechanism to provide temporary CANopen objects by the application at run-time.

The library now additionally supports Renesas' RX62N and RH850/F1L, NXP's LPC1769, and TI's latest TMS320F28069f micro-controllers. Besides the CANopen slave stack and master stack, CANopen bootloaders are available for these targets as well. Version 2.6.4 is available without additional costs for customers within the support period of six months or with a valid maintenance contract.

This protocol stack already supports CAN FD. Emtas also offers various CANopen profile extensions for CiA device or application profiles such as CiA 401, CiA 402, CiA 404, CiA 406, CiA 418, CiA 419, CiA 443, CiA 447, and CiA 454 (Energybus). These profile extensions support customers in implementing applications according to these profiles faster and compliant to the CiA specifications.


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