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Embedded World 2017

CANopen FD for protocol stacks

Microcontrol offers a new generation of its CAN protocol stacks. Migration from CANopen Classic to CANopen FD is possible at any time by exchanging one single component.

(Photo: Microcontrol)

Efforts of realizing 4.0 environments in a user's system will be reduced to the essentials, said the company: it will be a mere entrepreneurial decision free from financial and operational risks. The protocol stacks help designers and engineers defining interfaces. They are especially optimized for low resource consumption (RAM/Flash) as well as integration into different development environments (IDEs), the company added.

Usually, these CAN protocol stacks are equipped with CANpie FD. This standardized driver interface facilitates integration into a variety of different controllers. The company’s NETpie solution provides a standardized interface for development of real-time Ethernet protocols which in function and performance is comparable to CANpie FD. Both CANpie FD as well as NETpie feature a modular structure which facilitates adjustment of the protocol stack to individual tasks and environments. Different hardware platforms may be integrated. The system can be extended by additional drivers and new hardware.

The company is part of the Embedded World 2017.


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