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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen stack supports platform and operating system

The latest version of the SYS TEC CANopen stack has been adapted for the Renesas Synergy S7, S5, and S3 micro-controller groups.

Renesas Synergy platform roadmap - Includes MCU, software, tools, kits, solution (Photo: Renesas)

In addition the TgtOS API interface has been expanded for using the CANopen stack in conjunction with the ThreadX real‐time operating system (RTOS) from Express Logic. With its performance and features, the Renesas Synergy Platform meets the scalability, power consumption, and performance needs of a range of end‐products using embedded system control, said the company. Designed for the rapidly expanding IoT market, Renesas Synergy micro-controllers have features built‐in to connectivity, rock‐solid security, dependable safety, and create human‐machine interfaces, to name a few examples.

Together with the Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS, it provides a production‐ready platform that helps engineers to develop and bring products to market. Both available variants of SYS TEC’s CANopen stack, the CANopen Master & Slave Source Code CiA 301 as well as the CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302, is now supporting the Renesas Synergy Platform via the TgtOS API.

The TgtOS interface represents a way (multi‐threaded and event based method ‐ not polling mode) to integrate the CANopen stack in a Synergy-based target platform. In addition the TgtOS interface is also available for Linux/Posix, Windows, and Segger Embos based platforms.

SYS TEC Electronic is part of the SPS IPC Drives 2017 in hall 10.1 booth 230. The exhibition takes place from November 28th to 30th, 2017 in Nuremberg (Germany).


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