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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen safety stack runs on Hercules processor

ISIT (France) has developed a protocol stack compliant to EN 50325-5 (CANopen safety). The software running on TI’s Hercules processor is going to be certified by French authorities.

The protocol stack is portable also to other processors (Photo: ISIT)

The French company, distributing CANopen protocol stacks by HMS and SYS TEC has developed its own CANopen safety protocol stack. It has been submitted for certification to French authorities. It meets the requirements of IEC 61508 up to SLI-3 and DO-178C DAL B. The first application is a distributed control system with eight ECUs in a military vehicle.

The implementation of the CANopen Safety stack was done for the Hercules processor (Photo: Texas Instruments)

The Isit_Cosafe_LC safety software was originally designed for the Hercules processor by Texas Instruments (TI). But it can be ported to other processors, too. It is delivered as C source code. It can be adapted to several operating systems (OS) or can run without any OS. The protocol stack provider offers different services including the adaptation to dedicated hardware and certification by authorities.

The protocol stack features CANopen NMT master and slave functionality as well as all other CANopen functions (PDO, SYNC, and EMCY). Of course, it supports also SRDO communication. However, SRDO and PDO mapping is static. It is possible to generate the code from EDS (electronic data sheet) files. Sample application programs are available. The company showed its products at the SPS IPC Drives 2017.


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