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Protocol stack

Supports CiA 417 and CiA 1301

The Code Generator presented by Microcontrol (Germany) facilitates definition and implementation of optimized CANopen protocol stacks. It supports CANopen according to CiA 417 (CANopen Lift profile) or CiA 1301 (CANopen FD).

The CANopen protocol stack supports the CiA 417 application profile for lift control systems (Photo: Microcontrol)

Its graphic display offers full transparency and overview of the software components and supports the user due to the structured modular design. The available CANopen software components, possible configurations, selected elements, and guidance are visible at a glance.

The CANopen protocol stack is generated not only on the screen and facilitates fast and safe implementation of the result, said the company. It can be adapted and, therefore, is set for the future. Different hardware platforms can be integrated and adjusted. Drivers for functional extensions and additional hardware components can be installed at any time.


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