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CANopen stack

Additional low-level driver programs

Port (Germany) has expanded the support for additional micro-controllers for its CANopen protocol stack.

Port provides in total about 200 low-level driver programs (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The launched low-level driver programs support micro-controllers from Cypress (MB9BF15x), NXP (S32K144 and S12Z), Renesas (RX65N, RX71M, RH850D1M, and SH72544R), and Texas Instruments (TMS320DM6435, TMS320F28379, and TMS570LS). Port also has introduced a driver program for Xilinx” Zync 7020 FPGA (free programmable gate array). In total, the German software supplier provides about 200 low-level driver programs for its CANopen protocol stack.

The CANopen library conforms to ANSI-C conform. The hardware-independent software library complies with CiA 301 (version 4.2) and the CiA 302 series. The current library version is 4.5. It can be used to implement NMT master and NMT slave functionality.


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