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Embedded World 2019

CAN FD and CANopen FD developments

At the Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, protocol stacks provider Microcontrol (Germany) presents three new features which are now available as standard equipment.

Microcontrol has been among the market shaping providers for over 20 years (Photo: Microcontrol)

CANpie FD - currently available for 25 different controller families and 120 controllers – since its launch two years ago, has become a standard function for a lot of users, said the company. In the meantime, the term CANpie FD has been copyrighted on European level. The CiA (CAN in Automation) association has defined CANpie FD as a standard for the CANopen FD Conformance Test to be installed soon.

Microcontrol's latest CANpie FD Server software package offers versatile advantageous options. It features simulation options on all PC operating systems (Win, Linux, OSx), virtualization of development environments (software may be developed and CAN hardware can be simulated on a PC), and the fully developed software can be ported. In addition, systems conditions can be simulated and revised. This can be for example: error frames, further CAN nodes in the network, virtual CAN networks, time stamps for all CAN messages. Currently, drivers (plugins) for USB/CAN converters of Peak and HMS are available.

CANopen FD

Challenging applications in the field of ICA already require FD throughput rates. According to the company, with Industry 4.0 environments become reality in a growing number of companies, fast data procession will soon be a standard requirement in future-proof applications.

The CANpie FD Server software package offers several options (Photo: Microcontrol)

Microcontrol's CANopen FD technology has already been in the market for more than two years. And the number of available options is continuously increasing. Starting now, slave, master, and bootloader versions are available. In addition, the company is preparing a J1939 stack with FD capability while CiA and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) are cooperating to define and establish the new standards.

Last but not least, the Microcontrol Code Generator equipped with a drag and drop based user guidance for both, CANopen starters and advanced users, offers a solution for individual and secure configuration of interfaces and protocol stacks. The option of migrating easily and at any time from CANopen Classic to CANopen FD is attracting widespread interest on the market.


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