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Diagnostic solution

Programming and coding vehicle electronics with CAN FD

Herth+Buss has developed a diagnostic solution named Diagnosis on Demand (DOD) VCI (vehicle communication interface). Dealers and workshops are offered a device for programming or coding vehicle control units after a replacement.

(Source: Herth+Buss)

The product is also suitable when retrofitting trailer hitches or other accessories. The company can also help with diagnosing faults in electronics. Geared to each enquiry, garages only pay a fixed price for the service they require, explained the company. To obtain direct access to the vehicle data, only the OBD (on-board diagnostics) cable has to be connected to the vehicle. In the next step, the USB-C connection of the dongle needs to be plugged into the connection of the Android device (DOD 1.0) or the dongle needs to be connected directly to the Internet (DOD 2.0). Then the model and function need to be selected.

With DOD 1.0, the Android-based app of the product, the company establishes an online connection between the vehicle in the workshop and the diagnostic team. In DOD 2.0, the online connection is established via the web browser, removing the limitation to Android. The version 2.0 additionally features the communication protocols CAN FD and DoIP (diagnostics over internet protocol) which means it is also suitable for use with future vehicle models.

The vehicle no longer needs to leave the workshop and the diagnostic team of the company takes care of diagnosis remotely or from the time of order acceptance via direct chat function.


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