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Embedded World 2021

Interpreter for CAN higher-layer protocols

On the Embedded World 2021 digital, Emotas exhibits the CANinterpreter tool for monitoring, recording, and analyzing of data traffic in Classical CAN and CAN FD based networks.

The CANinterpreter provides plug-ins for CANopen, J1939, and Energybus (Source: Emotas)

The tool enables interpretation and analysis of data traffic in Classical CAN and CAN FD networks according to proprietary or standardized higher-layer protocols. Plug-ins for CANopen, J1939, and Energybus are available. Development of customized plug-ins is possible as well. The tool can be used as a service tool or as diagnostic tool for devices or plants. Provided features include online monitoring of the bus traffic, recording of CAN messages, CAN-ID-specific filtering, and single or cyclic sending of CAN messages/sequences.

CANopen plug-in decodes CAN messages according to CiA 301 (Source: Emotas)

The CANopen Interpretation plug-in decodes the CAN messages according to the CANopen base specification CiA 301. The traffic can be filtered according to the CANopen service and the node-ID. The contents of the PDOs (process data objects) can be displayed according to their mapping. The J1939 Interpretation plug-in monitors the data traffic of J1939 networks and interprets the PGNs (parameter group numbers) and J1939 transport protocols.

The plug-in Energybus Visualizing was developed for use with the Energybus networks based on the CiA 454 CANopen application profile for energy management systems. It monitors the data traffic of Energybus networks and displays the state and process data of the involved Energybus devices.


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