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CANopen stack for MCU series

Port's CANopen stack is now also available for the RA4 family from Renesas. The ICC tool (industrial communication creator tool) enables the integration of the stack.

Port’s protocol stack enables the integration of CANopen NMT manager or NMT server functionality into Renesas MCUs of the series RA4M2 and RA4M3 (Source: Port)

The Renesas RA4M2 / RA4M3 group of 32-bit micro-controller units (MCUs) uses the Arm Cortex-M33 core. Port’s CANopen stack, tools, and drivers support the integration of CANopen NMT (network management) manager or NMT server functionality. It complies to the CiA 301 CANopen application layer and communication profile and CiA 302 CANopen additionaly application layer functions. The CiA 305 CANopen layer setting services (LSS) is also a part of the delivery. Various CiA (CAN in Automation) profiles are also available, according to the company. For both MCU series, the BasicCAN implementation as well as support of 11-bit and 29-bit CAN-IDs are offered.

The CANopen ICC tool is suitable for development of CANopen applications and CANopen devices. It generates an object dictionary and an initialization function in C-code, an electronic data sheet (EDS), and the documentation of the project automatically. Furthermore, it simplifies the configuration of the CANopen library and of the CANopen driver packages, explained Port.


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