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J1939 partnership

Port (Germany) offer CANopen for nearly 30 years now. A few years ago, they decided to open their CANopen driver portfolio also for J1939. They selected their partner Warwick Control Technologies (WCT) from the UK to supply the J1939 library.

(Source: Port)

Port offers abstraction to the hardware with their so-called driver applications, which means the company maintains only one stack for all platforms. They support more than 100 different targets for CANopen and decided a few years ago to open this driver portfolio for J1939. They selected their partner WCT in Warwick to supply the J1939 library. Accordingly, the user can hook up the J1939 library to Port’s CANopen driver portfolio. Port explained, the reason to partner with WCT is the experience WCT has in J1939 while Port adds their 30‑years CANopen experience. CANopen as well as J1939 is supported in the ICC (industrial communication creator) tool approach.

Port was founded in May 1990 as an independent company in Halle/Saale, Germany and is CAN in Automation (CiA) member since 1992. CAN in Automation celebrates its 30 years anniversary in June with an in-person event for its members in Nuremberg, Germany.


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