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CANopen and J1939

Protocol stacks support ESP32

Emotas offers MCU driver software for its CANopen and J1939 protocol stacks. Recently, the support for the ESP32 system-on-chip was added.

Emotas is CiA member since 10 years, it is an elected member of the CiA Technical Committee and the CiA Business Committee (Source: Emotas)

Espressif (China) supplies the ESP32 system-on-chip (SoC). Some derivates come with on-chip CAN protocol controllers. The CANopen, CANopen FD, and J1939 protocol stacks by Emotas support these SoCs. The German company turns 10 years in 2022. The software supplier is a CiA member and is active in several CiA technical groups. It offers one of the first J1939-FD stacks compliant with J1939-22. According to the company, this protocol stack allows the development of J1939-22 applications. The API (application programming interface) enables analysis of the received data. The software stack comes with a driver interface for the ESP32 SoC. The user can choose just before compilation, if J1939-21 or J1939-22 should be supported.


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