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CANopen master and slave stacks support CAN FD

Version 1.6 of the CANopen master and slave stacks by Emtas (Germany) will be released at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair. The stacks support CAN FD, as well as Misra-C:2012. On the company’s homepage users can also get first experiences with CANopen.

THE SUPPORT OF THE CAN FD PROTOCOL data rates of over 1 Mbit/s and data lengths up to 64 byte in one CAN message. While CAN FD support in CANopen is in the process of standardization by CAN in Automation, the company’s CANopen slave and master/slave stacks already support CAN FD for the transmission of process data in PDOs. For example, by extending the data length of 8 byte to 64 byte the target values for multiple devices can be transmitted in one CAN FD telegram. An additional Sync message is not required anymore for these applications.

The CANopen stacks are also compliant with Misra-C:2012 (version 3), a programming standard mainly applied in automotive industry, but also used in medical or railway applications that are safety-related. “The source code of the stacks has been developed consistently according to the rules of Misra-C for the use in safety relevant applications. Together with the passed CANopen Conformance Test this ensures a high reliability of the software,” explained Andreas Boebel, CEO of Emtas. The software will be presented at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany from November 26 to 28.

The basic CANopen slave stack was developed for small CANopen slaves with elementary functionality. The master/slave version is useable for the development of efficient CANopen slave or master applications with all services of CiA 301. The above-mentioned features are included in the deliveries without extra charges. Customers within the support period get the update free of charge. License fees for the license of the CANopen stacks need only to be paid once. The CANopen stack can then be used at one site for various projects royalty free.

The company also offers additional information on CANopen on their homepage. To get hands-on experience with CAN the user can download a number of CANopen slave examples, which act as I/O devices according to CiA 401.

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