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Development platform integrates CANopen protocol stack

Emtas (Germany) has integrated their CANopen protocol stack into Infineon’s (Germany) Dave development platform. Dave is Infineon’s code generator for micro-controllers.

(Photo: Emtas)

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF 2014 Emtas has been offering projects showing how to integrate the company's CANopen protocol stack into the Dave platform. Dave stands for Digital Application Virtual Engineer and is Infineon’s code generator for their range of 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit micro-controllers. It provides predefined and tested application-oriented software components, called Dave apps. Available are apps for initialization, configuration and driver code to ease programming for beginners as well as for experts.

The CANopen protocol stack uses Dave to configure the CAN modules and other peripheral components e.g. to implement the CiA 401 or CiA 402 profiles. Starting with the 32-bit XMC4000 industrial micro-controllers using the Cortex M4 processor from ARM, the company has generated different projects for the Hexagon series of development boards.

The CPU board XMC4200 actuator features MCU XMC4200-Q48K256, a CAN transceiver with DSUB-9 connector and an on-board debugger. The CANopen project implements the CiA 401 profile and supports the on-board LED, button and analog potentiometer. Dave apps are used to serve all hardware components. The project is suited to get hands-on experience with the stack API and the Emtas development tool chain.

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