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Free CANopen protocol stack

Renesas Electronics Europe has teamed up with its software alliance partner Port to offer protocol stacks to European customers. This includes the CANopen protocol stack, which is provided as source code free-of-charge.

THE JAPANESE CHIPMAKER INVESTS in its software alliance program for its 32-bit RX micro-controller family about 1 million € as announced at the EmbeddedWorld tradeshow. The MCUs feature 32-KiB to 2-MiB on-chip flash memory and 8-KiB to 256-KiB on-chip SRAM. They come in 48-pin to 177-pin packages.
Port provides for the micro-controller family protocol stacks for different communication systems including CANopen. The CANopen software features NMT master and NMT slave functionality. Optionally it provides LSS (layer setting services) as well as “Flying NMT master” capability. SDO block transfer is supported, as well. The CANopen stack is free-of-charge up to a list price of 20000 €. Device profile software support is not included.
To install the protocol software, the user needs to buy the CANopen Design Tool from Port. "We are glad to be teaming up with Port as a software alliance partner for this innovative ecosystem support program,” said Bernd Westhoff, RX Product Manager at Renesas. “The software package provided by Port is a well-accepted middleware solution in the industry with a wide range of variants and many customization possibilities.”