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CANopen protocol stack in a new version

The ┬ÁC/CANopen protocol stack by Embedded Office is now available as a new version (V.3.0.2). An improved structure of the object dictionary (e.g. system data types for specified or user-defined objects) allows for more convenient handling as before. According to the manufacturer, this makes the connection to the peripherals more transparent and easier to realize.

THE PROTOCOL STACK IS BASED ON company’s µC/CAN stack (see article “CAN software framework and CANopen stack”). The software supports the CANopen NMT slave and LSS slave (layer setting services: see CiA 305) features. Maximal SDO and PDO (except remote PDO transfer) functionality as defined in the CiA 301 specification is given. It also supports Heartbeat and Emergency message producing.
With company’s CANopen Config configuration tool it is possible to document and to manage the entire stack configuration as well as to generate according source code. This includes the object dictionary, the emergency codes and the device information for the EDS file (electronic data sheet).