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CANopen protocol stack ready to support CAN FD

The CANopen protocol stack and the Device-Explorer configuration tool by Emtas (Germany) are ready to support the improved CAN protocol (also known as CAN FD). These products are suitable to run under Linux operating systems.

Screenshot of the Device-Explorer tool
THE CLASSIC CAN PROTOCOL is limited in its speed to 1 Mbit/s and the maximum data length to 8 byte. With CAN FD these limits are overcome. Payloads with up to 64 byte are possible with the improved CAN protocol. The data rate can be increased up to 8 Mbit/s for bus-line topologies (star topologies may be limited to 2 or 4 Mbit/s). The CAN FD support in the CANopen protocol stack and in the configuration tool is at the moment available for Linux with can4linux and SocketCAN drivers. “With this extension our protocol stack and CANopen Device-Explorer are ready for new, improved and more complex applications and use cases of CANopen with extended PDO lengths.” said Andreas Boebel, CEO of Emtas. A demo CANopen application with CAN FD developed by the company will run on a CAN FD board, which will be launched soon.

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