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Real-time OS with CANopen

Euros Embedded Systems (Germany) offers the Euros real-time operating system (OS) dedicated for embedded devices. It comes optionally with CAN low-lever driver software and protocol stacks for CANopen as well as Devicenet.

THE COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 1987 IS DEVELOPING a CANopen protocol stack featuring functional safety as well as secure communication. “It will be integrated in our Euros OS, which also provides functional safety and security,” said Dr. Stefan Kaneff, CEO of the software house located in Nuremberg (Germany). “Currently we are finalizing the certification of our operating system for both functional safety and security.” As auditor the company TÜV Süd was chosen.

For many years, the software supplier supports the CAN technology. A large number of low-level CAN driver packages are available for many stand-alone CAN controllers and virtually for all micro-controller families including those from ARM, Atmel, Analog Devices, Freescale, Fujitsu, Intel, Infineon, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, etc. The generic CAN driver software initializes the CAN hardware, sets the bit-timing parameters, and configures the acceptance filter.

In the past, the company cooperated with Ixxat (Germany) regarding protocol stacks for CAN-based higher-layer protocols. For example, the WMF coffee machine implementing embedded CAN networks is using the Euros OS in conjunction with Ixxat’s CANopen protocol stack. Other Euros/CANopen clients are Trumpf Laser Technology and KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann). Bosch-Rexroth uses the Euros/CANopen software in its Marex OS II control system for marine applications. In the near future, the software supplier will release its own full-fledged CANopen protocol stack for Euros. The real-time operating system Euros supports more than 8500 derivate and is automatically configurable by means of software tools. “We will also support CAN FD in our CAN-related software,” stated Dr. Kaneff, “as soon as the chipmakers provide relevant products.”

Besides real-time OS, the company offers also the Eclipse-based Euros Embedded Studion comprising project-management and symbolic high-level language debugging facilities. Other functional elements of the Euros Embedded Studio include an event tracing and profiling, static/dynamic code analysis, calculation of the stack consumption, and representation of control flow graphs. In addition, the company also provides the Eurosmot real-time OS, which is Autosar compliant. A corresponding configurator featuring consistency checking and OIL support is also available.

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