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Data acquisition software

Analysis, simulation, and data processing

Ipetronik (Germany) has released the 2014 R2 version of its data acquisition software Ipemotion. Extensions of it apply to CAN traffic analysis and CAN traffic simulation.

WITH THIS UPDATE, IT IS POSSIBLE TO EDIT data records with the data acquisition software. Export parameters such as parameters for V-TAB scaling are also available. The entire menu navigation for the Ipemotion App export has been enhanced. CAN traffic .ASC files which include CAN traffic messages can be put out over the CAN traffic generator. The CAN traffic analyzer instrument and the traffic generator are only included in the Professional and Developer Edition.

Analysis and simulation of CAN traffic

The Professional Edition provides additional features for CAN analysis/ simulation and output: CAN traffic recordings (ASCII files) can be output as traffic signals. Specific buttons in the display tab sheet allow to switch between decimal and hexadecimal data view, easily. Another button serves to switch between CAN ID (trace) view and logging view. In logging view, all incoming CAN messages are listed in the table in chronological order. The number of logging entries is custom configurable, the maximum number of records is 2000 entries. Current messages are stored and can be exported in ASCII file format for analysis or output using the CAN traffic simulator.

The color-coding of the background indicates the rate with which bytes are changing. Fast changing bytes are indicated by a gray background color, slowly changing bytes are indicated by dark blue color. This feature creates a clear layout of signal structure in CAN analysis.

This software version provides the feature to edit channel properties and data records. Data that can be edited include channel description, measuring unit, min/max scaling and the number of decimal places. Changes to the data records and channel properties are stored in a separate file when exported.

In Ipemotion 2014 R2 you can activate J1939 protocol information (Photo: Ipetronik)

Data export

When exporting from CSV and Excel, decimal places are exported as defined on channel configuration. Also, saved V-TAB scalings can be included in the CSV export. For DIAdem export, now the storage format of the original data is considered. Data stored in UInt8-, UInt16-, UInt32-, UInt64-, Int8-, Int16-, Int32-, Int64- or Float format can be exported in the same format. The configuration of the app has been adapted to Ipehub2 and M-LOG + COMgate measuring systems. The export menu navigation has been redesigned and features additional settings. For Ipehub2 applications, CAN interfaces are available for export. For M-LOG and COMgate data logger applications, app export based on XCP configuration is provided.

Ipemotion is a software solution for online data acquisition, configuration, storage, processing, visualization, evaluation, and automation. According to the company, the software can be connected to any measurement system. Program libraries and a plug-in concept based on open-source principle ensure communication with any measurement hardware. Measured values can be visualized in real time, and standardized description files can be used for configuration. For further processing during downstream processes such as Excel, the measurement data can be stored in many formats. The software is available in eight editions and can be tested for free for 30 days.

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