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WLAN-CAN interface with storage function

Ipetronik (Germany) makes the Ipemotion Release 2014 R3 available for download. The upgraded version allows the use of Ipehub2 as a LAN/WLAN CAN interface with storage function.

The new version allows the use of Ipehub2 as a WLAN-CAN interface (Photo: Ipetronik)

BESIDES THE CAN INTERFACE WITH STORAGE FUBCTION FEATURE, the upgraded version includes the Ipemotion App Release 2.10 with support for smartphones and automatic configuration. It also provides extended data export functions like resampling, MIN, MAX, and average calculations.

With the release of Ipemotion 2014 R3 and its related plugins Ipetronik-CAN, CAN-Acquisition, and CAN-Protocols, users can employ the Ipehub2 as a CAN card. These plugins provide a CAN interface via the CAN-Hardware selection tab. A physical connection between a PC and the product is supported by LAN cable as well as by wireless LAN. The device establishes its own access point as well as its own WLAN network via WLAN interface with included DHCP server functionality. Thus, each computer and tablet/smartphone can connect with the device and receive data.

The data logging function for self-sufficient data storage on an SD card with up to 8 GiB is another advantage: it provides the possibility to import and analyze data directly from the device to Ipemotion via LAN/WLAN. The conversion of CAN traffic data of the company’s modules is performed automatically via the related CAN description file (DBC).

The software enables wireless data transfer, e.g. in off highway applications in surroundings of construction and agricultural machinery. These circumstances often do not allow data acquisition near the machinery and equipment due to hazards or lack of space. Fleet tests for individual data visualization of the test vehicle can also benefit of the Ipemotion App. Road behavior, driving profiles, and important system data can be controlled.

The App Release 2.10 also supports smartphones and enables the direct import of the Ipehub2 configuration, which means loading and restoring it into the memory of the device. Moreover, it is possible to save changes in the configuration to control limit values and to generate reports in PDF format.

Data export

With the data manager, the user is able to export acquisition data with additional functions, like data reduction, in which the sampling rate/number of acquisition data is reduced by a free selectable sampling rate. Freely adjustable sampling rates/numbers can be calculated and displayed as MIN, MAX, or average values, which also contributes to data reduction. With the ZIP compressed export function in MDF4.1 format, the size of exported acquisition data can be reduced.

About Ipemotion
Ipemotion is a software solution for online data acquisition, configuration, storage, processing, visualization, evaluation, and automation. With its connection to measurement systems, it is suitable for measurement tasks. Program libraries and a plug-in concept based on the open-source principle enable communication with the measurement hardware. Measured values can be visualized in real-time, and standardized description files can be used for configuration. For further processing in downstream processes, such as Excel, the measurement data can be stored in various common formats. The device is available in eight editions and can be tested for free for 30 days.

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