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Free Windows API for CAN FD

Peak-System has released version 4 of the programming interface PCAN-Basic for the company's CAN and CAN FD interfaces.

(Photo: Peak System)

WITH THIS API, 32-BIT AND 64-BIT PROGRAMS FOR Windows can access CAN and CAN FD networks. Based on devices of the PCAN-Gateway series, it is also possible to communicate with remote CAN networks via IP networks. Changes can primarily be found in the added possibility to initialize a CAN FD communication and to read and transmit CAN FD messages afterwards. The handling remains the same (CAN_InitializeFD, CAN_ReadFD, CAN_WriteFD).

During the development of the updated API version, broad compatibility was in focus. Programs that were created with the previous API will work with the new DLL (dynamic link library). Vice versa, new applications can be used with an older DLL, provided that no new features are involved. Regarding the device drivers for CAN interfaces, the interaction is ensured with the FD-enabled driver (4.x) as well as with its predecessor (3.x). In addition to the DLLs, the API package contains detailed documentation and programming examples for different languages. It can be downloaded free of charge from the German company.

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