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CAN FD offline data analysis

Ipetronik (Germany) now provides Release 2015 R2 of their data acquisition software Ipemotion. This version extends offline data analysis operation. The data analysis now supports the import of CAN FD traffic files.

(Photo: Ipetronik)

IN THE FIELD OF MEASUREMENT DATA AQUISITION, Ipetronik has extended the CAN traffic analysis by a new instrument for the CAN traffic export - the “message generator”. The messages can be imported out of CAN DB description files or can be created manually and individually. The instrument sends messages in defined cycle periods from milliseconds up to several seconds or event-triggered by the user. Using this instrument, the user is able to send messages specifically to their CAN network and perform simulations. Therefore, the software provides the basic tools for CAN network stimulation (polling) and CAN network traffic analysis.

The data analysis now supports the import of ASCII and CAN FD traffic files. The ASCII files can be analyzed and can also be converted into signals with the matching CAN DB description files. For simulating bus traffic measurements, the traffic files can be played again using the traffic generator.

New functions are the triggered performance of operation sequences, additional statistic operations for an easy calculation of common statistic values such as min, max, average value, RMS, and an operation for searching events, which is able to perform analyses event-oriented.

The analysis tool box provides a 3D instrument, in which the user can upload CAD models to embed the data analysis graphically in the model as well. The 3D objects are based on STL files, which are generated by CAD programs. The 3D instrument is able to view graphical indicators like arrows, lines etc. in the 3D object.

Moreover, in the field of measurement data acquisition, the import of description files such as DBC and A2L has been optimized. The user is now able to automatically select individual signals, messages and the sampling rate in the import process with a multi-column CSV import filter.

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