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Acquisition of data and CAN signals

The new version of HBM's Perception software for high-speed data acquisition also simultaneously acquires slower CAN signals. It simplifies handling with definable buttons (User Keys).

The Perception software acquires high-speed data and CAN signals (Photo: HBM)

PERCEPTION AND GENESIS HIGH-SPEED DATA acquisition instruments are suited for measuring at high measuring rates and processing large quantities of data. HBM expands the scope of application in the current version of Perception with acquisition of CAN signals by the Quantum X MX471B module, which has four CAN interfaces and is able to read CAN, CCP, and xCP-on-CAN messages. The Ethernet-based PTP protocol is used for synchronization with Genesis high-speed instruments.

The function of freely configurable User Keys (buttons) has been added to the software. Multiple commands can be combined and assigned to one User Key. For example, over 20 different cursor navigation commands can be set for different displays and configured for simultaneously transferring values to data sources and a log file. Once a User Key has been set, it can be clicked to perform a whole list of actions in Perception, thus saving valuable minutes of test time. There is no limit to the number of User Keys, so users can set up a variety of buttons.

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